Destiny How-To

Try Out Our New Destiny Library Solution!
You can access it at home! At school! Wherever there’s Internet!
1. Click on the Destiny link.
2. Locate your school

FEATURES for you and your students:
1. Lexile range: find books that are the appropriate Lexile reading range for your students (can add in a subject search too!) ie., Dog books with a Lexile range of 300-400

2. Websites: Use OneSearch or WebPath Express… and do a subject search. These websites have been previewed for correct content and appropriate for grade levels.

YOUR LOGIN:       You need to use your district employee ID # for both your login and your password.  

FEATURES to use with your Login

1. Create Resource Lists for yourself and/or students
  • In left hand bar >click on resource lists > click on add list >if you click PUBLIC, your students can see it >give it a name
  • Now search for books and/or websites in the subject area >find Selected list in the upper right >choose your list >when you find a book or website to add, just click on the green check
  • You can sort by title, author, call number (gives non-fiction first, then everybody, then fiction
  • The list is printable > choose the Printable icon above the list name…you can email too
2. Request a Hold for a book at your school or another school

You can ask your library assistant to place holds for you OR you can go  ONLINE: > find the book you want > click on the Details box by the title >click on Hold it 

* If the book is available at your school and on the shelf, Destiny will place a Hold and tell you it is available now for pick up 
* If it is at your school and is checked out and there are no other holds, it will be held for you when it comes in 
***If the book is at another school, Destiny will state “it has received your request”…..the library assistant at your school needs to approve it, and select the school it would come from. The other school can deny your request or approve it, and send the book to your library. You will need to check it out from your library.

3. Find out what books you or your students have out
  • On the top green tab, click on CIRCULATION
  • Click on Patron Status in the side bar
  • You can see the names of all the students in your room at one time by typing in your last name in the box and then selecting Homeroom from the pull down box >Click on GO
  • Click on the student’s name you want
  • Or you can type in the student’s name (either first or last, or both) in the box and choose the appropriate one in the pull down box. >Click on GO
  • There are many selections….explore….
TIPS: NEVER click on the back button in the Browser…always use the tabs and “Breadcrumbs” within the program

These are not complete details, but hopefully will give you a good start in using this program. It has many other features to explore: Standards search, Award winners, advanced search strategies, etc.