Technology Orientation


Friday, August 23, 2013
Welcome and Introductions
Before Gaining Access
1.  Acceptable Use Policy - User's must sign an "Acceptable Use Policy" once they can are given access to any of the district's technology.  This policy must be signed by both students and staff each year and on file with the building Principal.  
Getting Started on the Network
1.  Logging In - New district employees are assigned network credentials, "a user name and password" to gain access to the district's network from any computer in the district.  Users can then access email, user data, the internet and online software.  LOGIN:  first initial last name (i.e. jsmith)  
2.  Saving/Backing Up Your Files - District network users have two network drives that are backed up daily (the V: and U: drives).  The V: drive holds files that users "share". 
The U: drive (labeled with your username) is where YOUR data is stored. Each employee is allotted 1 Gigabyte of storage. This is the equivalent of 250 songs or 35,000 Word documents.  Instructions:  Click on the Windows Start button and select the word Computer to access these drives.
Windows 10 Quick Quide  (click on the link to access the Windows 10 Quick Quide)
District Email
1.  Email - District employee email accounts can be accessed from any computer connected to the network and/or internet using your district network credentials.
Instructions:  Click on the Windows Start button and select Microsoft Outlook from the Menu of programs.  Log into Outlook using your network credentials (i.e. jsmith).  OR  If accessing your email from home or out of town, click on the Email icon on the district webpage at and log in.
Click on the following links for detailed instructions on How to use MS Outlook for your email andEmail etiquette.

District Online Software
1.  DMAC - Mathis ISD teachers use a program called DMAC to interpret their student's test data (i.e. STAAR), make decisions and develop plans for improvement.  LOGIN:  first initial last name (i.e. jsmith)
For instructions on how to use DMAC click on our DMAC instructions webpage
2.  CSCOPE - Mathis ISD teachers use CSCOPE curriculum for lesson planning.  LOGIN:  first name last name (i.e. jsmith)
Instructions:  For today's workshop, download your Year at a Glance and Unit 1 FD and Unit 1 Assessment to your computer.  For those teachers, who are not core teachers, please download a subject area from the grade level that you teach.  Also download your TEKS from the TEA website.

Contact Romelia Leal at if you do not have a CSCOPE or DMAC account or forget your password!

District Devices
1.  Phones and Voicemail - Mathis ISD provides Cisco desk phones in all offices and classrooms district wide.  The following tutorials and manuals may be helpful in using your phone.
2.  Interactive Whiteboards -  Boxlight Interactive Whiteboards are available at the Intermediate Campus.  Promethean Interactive Whiteboards are available at both the Middle and High School secondary campuses.  Promethean has developed one of the largest online teaching communities with thousands of free teaching resources – Promethean Planet. 
3.  iPads for Secondary Teachers -  Mathis ISD provided iPads for Middle School and High School teachers last y ear as part of a grant.
3:00 p.m. District Software Training Will Be Provided For All Teachers Next Friday (August 23, 2013).
1.  Follett Destiny Library Management Solution - Starting this fall,  Mathis ISD students will be able to log into their own Destiny Library account using their student id and password. They can then check their accounts, make book selections and save lists of books. Destiny shows books available in the library as well as ebook online. See this Destiny Video for details.  For instructions on how to use Destiny, click on  the link on the For Staff page.
2.   Schoolwires Web Content Management Solution - Announcing our new Mathis ISD website that went live in July!   Starting this fall, Mathis ISD teachers will be required to have a teacher webpage!  Technology staff will work with teachers as a group and individually during their conference period to help them set up their web page.
3:30 p.m.  Technology Applications TEKS 
One of the strategies in the district's new Strategic Plan is to implement the Technology Applications TEKS K-12.