Sending a Broadcast
  1. Navigate to the Mathis ISD SchoolMessenger Portal
  2. Login with your username and password
  3. On the Dashboard, click New Broadcast
  4. Enter message Subject
  5. Select Type (General, Attendance,  School Hours Emergency, Non-School Hours Emergency, etc.)
  6. If you already have a list created, select Pick from Existing Lists, otherwise select Build a List Using Rules
  7. Select the list you would like to send to, click Add Recipients then Continue
  8. Under the Message Content section, select if you would like to add PhoneEmail, SMS (text message)or Social content

  • Phone Content
    • Call Me to Record:  Enter your phone number and click Call Now to Record.  You will receive a phone call to record your voice message.
    • Text-To-Speech:  Type your message in the text box, select Female or Male voice.
    • Preview the recording by clicking Play Audio.
    • Click Save Phone Message.

  • Email Content
    • Complete the form sections From NameFrom EmailSubject, add Attachments if needed, and insert your message in theBody
    • Preview the email by clicking Preview Email
    • Click Save Email Message.

  • SMS Content
    • Insert your message in the SMS Text box (up to 160 characters)
    • Click Save SMS Message.

  • Social Content
    • Select Post to Facebook
    • Insert your message in the Message box (up to 420 characters)
    • Select where you would like to post the message in the Post to field
    • Select Save Social Messages.

  1. Click Continue
  2. Verify the SubjectType, number of Recipients, and Message content types.
  3. Click Schedule to schedule the broadcast for a later date, or Send Now to X Recipients to send the broadcast immediately