Technology Software & Hardware Ordering Procedure

If your campus or department is in need of ordering Technology equipment or software, please follow the procedures outlined below:


1. Determine the type of equipment that you are requesting. If you are not sure, schedule a meeting with the Technology Director to assist you in making a determination of what type of equipment will fulfill your requirements and meet the requirements of the MISD network.


2. Technology does not have a budget for technology equipment or software for your campus or department. This must come from your budget, whether it is from your local budget, a grant, or federal funds approved by Central Office.


3. Once the technology item(s) have been determined, email the Technology Director or place a work order for a quote for the equipment or software. The Technology Director will attempt to get (3) quotes for the purpose of finding the most cost effective quote for the same products.


4. Once the quote(s) are received, you will be notified in an email that the quotes have arrived. Please note that some vendors do not carry all products or brands, therefore, you may not receive (3) quotes, but we will try to get all three if it is possible. At this time, make a selection (vendor) from the quotes provided.


5. When you have selected a vendor, then create a requisition in Skyward Financial using the selected quote as a reference for the quote. Please do not contact the vendor directly, the Technology Department will do this on your behalf.


6. If the requisition is approved, the Finance Department will issue you a Purchase Order (PO). At this point, DO NOT SEND THE PO TO THE VENDOR, SEND THE PO TO THE TECHNOLOGY DIRECTOR via email or place in my box at Central Office.


7. The PO will be forwarded to the selected vendor and the items will be shipped to either Central Office or the Technology Department building for the purposes of inventory, imaging, and antivirus software if needed.


8. Once the technology items have been received and inventoried, the technology department will issue the items to your campus or department. You may also inventory the items for your campus (some campuses do this with the library software, for the purpose of signing them out to individuals).


9. Invoices are usually sent to Central Office from the vendor. If you need a copy of the invoice, please notify the Technology Director and a copy will be emailed to you for your records.


10. If you have any questions regarding any of the above procedures or the status of your order, please let the Technology Department know via email or phone.