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What is Migrant Education?

To meet the special educational needs of migrant children, Congress created the Migrant Education Program in 1966. The U.S. Department of Education allocates funds to the states based upon each state's identified migrant student population.


A child who is, or whose parent, spouse, or guardian, is a migratory agricultural worker.

Temporary or seasonal employment in agriculture work.

From one school district to another.

In order to obtain, or accompany a parent, spouse, or guardian in order to obtain temporary or seasonal employment in agricultural work.

Within the preceding 36 months. For questions regarding the Migrant Education Program, please contact us at:


Dr. Camille McCoy
Migrant Program Director
(361)547-3378 ext. 1040 / Fax: (361) 547-9474
E-mail: cmccoy@mathisisd.org

Guadalupe Paiz
Recruiter/Community Liaison
(361)547-3378 ext. 1302 / Fax: (361) 547-4158
E-mail: gpaiz@mathisisd.org

Maggie Hinojosa
Recruiter/NGS Specialist
(361)547-3378 ext. 1300 / Fax: (361) 547-4158
E-mail: mhinojosa@mathisisd.org

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