Accountability Ratings

State (TEA) Accountability Ratings & Reports

Accountability Rating:  This section of the 2013 Accountability Summary report provides the 2013 state accountability rating issued to the district or campus: Met Standard, Improvement Required, or Not Rated. The Met AlternativeStandard rating is assigned to charters and alternative education campuses evaluated under alternative education accountability (AEA) provisions. In addition to the rating, the classification (Met Standards/Did Not Meet Standards) is shown for each performance index evaluated. To receive a Met Standard or Met Alternative Standard rating, campuses and districts must meet or exceed the target score on all indexes for which they have performance data in 2013.

 Texas Academic Performance Reports (formerly known as AEIS Reports) 
Mathis High School Met Standard
Mathis MIddle School Met Standard
Mathis Intermediate School Improvement Required
Mathis Elementary School Improvement Required
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