Counselor's Corner Last Updated: 2/28/2019 3:58 PM

Ms. McDonald




Rebecca McDonald

Mathis Elementary School Counselor

(361) 547-4106 






Hello there!  My name is Rebecca McDonald and this is my fourth year being Mathis Elementary School's Counselor.  I truly enjoy working with the students here at the elementary school and I feel their joy is highly contagious!

A counselor's job is never done!  My main and most important job is to make sure that every child is the best student he or she can be!  The way I do that is by making myself available when a student needs to talk to me, classroom guidance lessons, and by helping with their academics as well.

I work with RtI (response to intervention), GT (gifted and talented), LEP/Bilingual students, and the federal 504 program.  I also help coordinate the Pirate committee (elementary's student council), UIL events (creative writing and storytelling for 2nd graders), Spelling Bees (one each semester), and other activities as they come up.

Our guidance lessons focus on a variety of topics which include:  listening to directions, bullying, Red Ribbon week activities, career and college readiness activities, diversity, anger, honesty, sharing, teamwork, courage, manners, getting along with others, and other lessons as need be.