Health Information

Mathis Elementary Health Services




Mrs. Shirley Sandoval, 

Mathis Elementary School Medical Assistant

(361) 547-4106 ext. 2005




Weclcome to Mathis Elementary Health Services!  As your child's school nurse, health and safety are my top priorities! Other than the day to day activities I do as a nurse (taking care of students when they come in as well as giving out medications as needed) I also work with other agencies to teach the students proper handwashing techniques, brushing their teeth properly, and other health related activities as needed.

District policy does dictate that any student with a 100.0 degree fever and higher must go home for the rest of the day and can not return until the fever has been gone for 24 hours.  Usually that will mean that the child can not return to school the following day.  We do that so that your child has time to get better before coming back to school.  It is important to be in tip top shape when your in school so that you are at your best to learn!