Health Services

Title First Name     Last Name    Phone No.                     Email
District Registered Nurse  Sandra  Tiemann 361-547-2472 x-3005
Middle School LVN  Melissa Gutierrez 361-547-2381 x-4005
High School School Health Assistant Nelda  Trejo 361-547-3322 x5005
Elementary School Health Assistant Shirley Sandoval 361-547-4106 x 2005

Health Services Information

Area Clinics 
Immunization Requirements  
Flu Information 
Medication Policy & Consent Form 
Immtrac Overview  
School Based Health Clinic 
What you should know about Pinkeye.



Parents and Members of the Mathis ISD community are encouraged to join and participate in the School Health Advisory Council.

Student Health Advisory Committee

For further information,  Mathis ISD @ (361) 547-2472  x-3005

School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) Description

SHAC Agendas:

SHAC Agenda August 24, 2016 (Health Fair)

SHAC Agenda November 8, 2016

SHAC Agenda April 11, 2017

SHAC Agenda June 13, 2017

Student Welfare, Wellness & Health Service Policies

2017-2018 Wellness Plan

Wellness Policy (FFA Legal)

Wellness Policy (FFA Local)

SHAC Health Tips