MISD Wellness Program

 Wellness Program 

MISD Student Wellness Program will always do what is best for all students.  The Program will provide a full array of supports and services that promote positive school climate, social-emotional learning, mental health and wellbeing.  This is a preventive and educational program that will help build skills related to developing and maintaining positive relationships within the school setting.  We believe that with early intervention and our Student Wellness Program supports in place that we can ensure each student has the skills, supports, and mindset to be successful in school and beyond.


This Program will support students who display early warning signs and risk for mental health challenges and providing specialized services to treat or reduce symptoms.  Research suggests, schools that identify mental health challenges early in the student’s life and offer the supports needed, students will gain resilience skills that will improve their chances and opportunities for academic and social success.

MISD Student Wellness Program will help to increase school day attendance, academic performance, increase test scores, and decrease discipline referrals and placements. 



Schuette  Mrs. Stephanie Schuette, MS, LPC
Wellness Director/Therapist 

Pre-K thru 5th grade

361-547-3378 ext:1202


Summer Norman Wellness Mrs. Summer Norman, M.Ed.

 Wellness Therapist/ School Counselor 
6th grade thru 12th grade  

361-547-2381 ext:4080 


Marvin  Marvin 

Therapy animals enhance human health and well-being.

Therapy animals can positively impact our physical, social and emotional lives.  Whether helping to encourage struggling readers, motivating someone to participate in groups, or providing comfort to someone who is upset, therapy animals are increasingly recognized for their value.


Benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy     

  • Builds positive self-esteem
  • Reduces stress-inducing hormones and raises happiness hormones within the body           
  • Provides non-judgmental, selfless love and attention
  • Can enhance cognitive development        
  • Can promote more prosocial behaviors in children        
  • Helps decrease feelings of loneliness and isolation         
  • Increases social and verbal interactions in children
  • Aides in decreasing anger, anxiety, and depression


  • Bullying Prevention
  • Grief Teams
  • Local Law Enforcement
  • Procedures for Referrals