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Food Service and Nutrition


The Nutrition Services Department is responsible for the administration of the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs.   School meal programs are available to all students and provide nutritious meals.   Menus are prepared in accordance with federal guidelines. 

What you need to know about breakfast regulations.

All students must be provided a breakfast meal with one serving of grain, fruit, and a variety of fluid milk offerings in appropriate serving sizes per grade level with a minimum and maximum level of calories and less than 10% saturated fat.  All foods must contain zero grams of trans fat.  All milk served must be either 0-1% fat unflavored milk and/or nonfat flavored (i.e. chocolate or strawberry) milk.

Breakfast meals must contain a minimum of four food items and for a student’s meal to be reimbursable; the student must take a minimum of three of the food items offered.  Some breakfast menu items are large and considered to be two food items.  For example, a large muffin may contribute towards two credible grains and would be recognized as two food items on the menu.  A student could select the large muffin, a fresh orange, and milk and the meal would be counted as reimbursable.

All students must be provided a lunch meal with five components, which include a fruit, vegetable, meat, grain, and milk.  The students must take a minimum of three components for a reimbursable meal.

Please visit the links in the sidebar for additional information, or use the department staff directory below to contact our staff.

Title                                  First Name           Last Name       Phone     Email
Child Nutrition Director Sueann Martinez 361-547-3322, ext. 1070 361-215-0756 (cell phone)
Child Nutrition Secretary       Evonne  Huerta  361-547-3322, ext. 1071




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Sueann Martinez

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